We Are Human Beings

February 9, 2010
We are human beings
We laugh
We cry
We smile
We frown
We love
We hate
We are happy
We are sad

We live our lives
And deal with many emotions
We see people die
And deal with sorrow
Many of us ask
Why go through it all?
If at the end of the road
The life we know will end with our own death?

Why do we try to find that special person?
To spend the rest of our life with
When that person just like our self
Are destined to die

Why do we try to reach such high goals?
And work so hard to accomplish them
Why do we want to earn different titles?
And be known to the whole world
When we know that when death takes us
None of it will matter anymore

When the years go by people will begin to forget
And those people who did know
Will also die

So I ask
Why do we humans beings
Go through the trials of our lives
If it will end and will be forgotten
Because once it ends its over

The only answer I can come up with is
We are human beings
We can’t help it

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