February 9, 2010
By , Ruth, NV
A smile: a curve of the lips, with or without teeth.
Most commonly used to express happiness,
it spreads across her face like butter.
She can feel her heart beat in the palm of her hand.
Her knee’s go week as he leans in to kiss her forehead,
She thought to herself.
Taking a couple deep breaths,
she looks up into his blue green eyes; they say a lot without speaking at all.
Looking down at her feet now, she sees him grab her hand and lace his fingers between hers.
Butterflies swarm through her body, letting her know that these few moments we’re real.

Now she has doubt in her grey lifeless eyes,
looking back at him and his confused face.
Searching the depths of her heart to remember why she ended it.
A sudden though comes to mind, as her heart starts to race.
She couldn’t think fast enough, and the words started to pour out of her mouth.
“cheater.” She whisper’s quietly. Tears shed from her eyes as she walks away and paints a fake smile on her face.

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