Lauren Grabham

February 9, 2010
A tribute/prayer written for Lauren by Leslie B.

Here you are, a little girl
Shining bright at the age of three
Then learning to ride a bike
Crying from a skinned knee
Here you are, a young lady
Having just turned 15
The years have gone so fast
With many memories in between
Here you are now, Sweet one
Lingering in a deep sleep
In between 2 worlds
Are you wondering which one to keep?
On the outside a family waits
Holding on as they watch you breathe
Praying for you, loving you
Not taking even one moment to leave
Every minute brings another memory
I am sure they share with you
Desperate to see signs of change
With faith much stronger than the best glue
On the outside a family hopes
That your smile will light up your face
That your laughter will once again ring out
That soon you’ll be running all over the place
On the outside a family entrusts you
To The One who gave you life
Waiting for His perfect will
For His timing will be just right
But on the inside, oh Lauren
What is it that you see?
Do you see our loving Savior
In all His Glory and Majesty?
While you are sleeping on the outside
Are you walking with Him now?
Talking of things from long ago
Or new wonders you’re getting to know?
On the inside precious Lauren
Have you seen those streets of gold?
Have you met any of those amazing people
Our heroes from days of old?
On the inside precious Lauren
How we long to know each thought
To know what you are dreaming
To already know the good this has brought
So here we all are
Crying out to our Father above
To come and shower you precious Lauren
With His healing power and love
Rarely do we understand
Why things happen the way they do
We can only trust in our Savior
And His love to come shining through
For we know that there is a plan
Though now it is hard to see
And we know that from this journey
Only His goodness will come to be
And we know that with this life
Comes a lot of uncertainty
Will we each have another tomorrow?
There is never a guarantee
Here you are, a young lady
Now only just 15
Reminding all those around
We never know what a new day will bring
For now we pray and we wait
And we continue to trust in You
We praise you Heavenly Father
For all that You are going to do!!
So hang on precious Lauren
We lift you up to the King
We wait for His perfect plan
For healing-to that do we cling
We cry out to You Heavenly Father
For mama and papa down on their knee
With each and every moment
Pour out Your goodness, oh let them see!!!!!
In the midst of this dark moment
Your love and goodness will shine so bright
Shower it down upon them
To help light up deep into the night
To the G. Family
The Body of Christ you can rely
Know that you are not alone
His saints will be standing by

Keep praying y'all.

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