February 8, 2010
By B.Jones SILVER, Tarpon Springs, Florida
B.Jones SILVER, Tarpon Springs, Florida
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Remember it takes two to tango...because by yourself the tango really just isn't the same...

A smile gives way to sweet serenity;
surrounding the heart with a sense of comfort.
To be transparent enough for you to see the real me would be so easy,
but that requires so much effort.
My deepest secrets to be unveiled;
leaving emptiness behind to linger in my mind.
Oh how the days have changed making every moment mine in time.

The regret is all left behind, no time or place forgotten.
Every argument ended, and every tear has fallen.
Will the mountain finally bow to the sun's devilish grin?
Or will it stand tall against the wind.

The tallest tree can only bend so far before it breaks.
Bearing only the weight it can take, for the tree knows its life is at stake.
"Too young to be old, too old to be young";
life brings many choices for everyone.
Some are easy and some are hard, I just want them all to be gone.

With a body so hollow and heart so numb,
it's hard to believe that this is who I've become.
Regardless of the changes I've made;
it seems my life will always stay the same.
This life will forever be much bigger than you and me;
but, believe it or not, this is who I'm meant to be.

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