The Unseen Beauty

February 8, 2010
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The beauty of things can be unseen,
lost in this world just like a dream.
Every emotion shows on our face,
but can be gone in a moment without a trace.
Words seem to flow like a stream,
even the ones that we don't mean.
Our actions aren't always filled with love and grace,
and can sometimes leave a bitter taste.

In the end we may never know,
why people love us so.
Many thoughts run through our heads,
while lying awake at night in our beds
Sweeping us away like an undertow,
dreams rushing in like waves; tossing us to and fro.
Sometimes it doesn't matter what anybody says,
and even the words can cut your heart to shreds.

Learn the lessons life may bring,
for it can be such a beautiful thing.
Never forget what all of these things mean,
and find the beauty that is unseen.

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