Sin without you

February 8, 2010
By sweetniqhtmare♥ SILVER, San Diego, California
sweetniqhtmare♥ SILVER, San Diego, California
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Favorite Quote:
"I lived this long,and for living I was born"

You sit like there's no tomorrow
As if I were the one with fault
To say that we had not yet been together and had not yet been on a date
You sit there as if you don't see me, as if I were invisible
You sit there and play games as if I were a game board
As if I were a piece of trash
Crumpled up paper,going into a recycling bin
You use me as if I were a tissue you can just use and throw out
You complain and swear that it was being innocent when innocence can't be found
You complain as if you were an old women that can't even talk with all those lies your spiting out
You sit there like today's your last day, like being on this planet isn't enough
As if you were born to lie and cheat and win but never lose
You sit there and say...and say!

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