Prayer of the Lost

February 8, 2010
If you're up there,
please listen.
If you're down there,
don't bother.
I already know
where I'll go.
If you're listening,
open your ears a bit more
cause I got a lot to say.
These words are not easy,
trust me,
they don't want to come out.
They stick like sap
onto my tongue.
I am lost.
In life, in love.
In spirit, in hope,
despair, and chaos.
Please give me a compass
of any kind, really.
I just want to find my way.
My voice is not loud,
my prayer not bold,
all I ask for
is a clear way to go.
Point me in the right direction,
show me that sign
that will get me up on my feet
and walking again.
I hope you've heard me
nice and clear.
This is the one chance I get;
my life is running out of time.
Please, if you're there,
listen to my prayer,
a prayer of the lost.

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