Love That Wasn't Meant To Be

February 8, 2010
One night changed my life,
I was just doing my thing,
With my friends not thinking,
As I look up,
I felt my heart stop,
Quickly I look down,
I didn't frown.

A perfect angel was in my sight,
I smiled at him with delight,
Realizing what I did,
I walked away in quite a speed,
My heart was beating faster and faster,
I knew in that moment he smiled at me,
His attention I's be after.

Again, as I saw him,
I had that wierd feeling,
This time he approached me,
Not realizing I was doing the same thing,
He gave me a smile that was welcoming,
This wasn't just a game,
I knew it would never be the same.

That night time passed impossibly fast,
Everything we talked about was a blast,
We talked about everything,
Brought up anything,
Something happened the next day,
And I thought I'd never forget this day,
I knew I was falling for him,
I told him i really cared bout you,
I felt relieved he felt the same.

Weeks passed as I fell deeper,
Some things became clearer,
Sadly, I realized we were growing apart,
He was ready for a fresh new start,
As I thought more about it,
My heart sank,
I knew it would be hard to get him off my mind,
Since that day until now I'm still trying,
All I want is for him to be happy.

A friend of mine liked him,
He felt the same for her,
Possibly more,
I knew I'd have to let them be together as she asked me for approval,
I said it was okay and i cared for his happiness,
His name will remain unknown,
Because of this I learned a lesson of my own.

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