The Pain of Love

February 8, 2010
By FilipinaPrincess03 BRONZE, Dedham, Massachusetts
FilipinaPrincess03 BRONZE, Dedham, Massachusetts
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And as I laid down,
I thought to myself,
What would my life be like if I never met him,
The joy and pain filled my heart,
Burying the memories deep within me,
I knew it would just cause me more pain,
It took away energy as I held on,
My mind saying let go,
While my heart screams hold on,
He never knew how I felt,
All he saw was a girl,
Never bothered to look deeper,
It caused me pain to see him fall for another girl,
My heart that was once whole,
Is now shattered into pieces,
I felt like I had nothing left,
My mind and heart screamed NO,
As i watched him go.

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