"A New Beginning"

February 8, 2010
Though we were far,
Our hearts could hear
The ear-piercing cries
Of friends not too near.

As the grounds shook,
Their hope was almost lost.
As their homes tumbled,
We knew not what it would cost.

Many children ran,
Broken and scared.
Many lives lost,
Too much to bear.

“Why did this happen?
Where’s my family?
What, oh what, will our future
Come to be?”

When the worst was over,
Some of them still stood,
Grateful for survival,
Grateful that they could.

Words could not describe
What our Haitian friends went through.
That God would watch over them
Is what we all knew.

But with every end,
Comes a new beginning
That’s found on the horizon
And is worth winning.

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