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February 8, 2010
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Carrots and Peas

They start of separately
One taking root before the other
But before the First can burst through the soil
Another has begun

The Second is constantly trying to catch the First
Always a couple stages behind
Watching, learning, searching, helping
As the First strives to find the sunlight

When the First finds a way to break through
The Second simply follows after
They each need the other to survive
Although this is not always apparent

The Second can be a burden
It’d roots constantly becoming tangled
The First may cast a shadow of anger
Causing the other to wilt

But, the First always shifts
Just in time for the Second to survive
Darwin’s law doesn’t apply here
Because the “fittest” helps the weak

When the First has finally bloomed
It is chosen, picked, plucked
The Second must accept the departure
And turns towards the Third

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