True Love Never Dies

February 15, 2010
By , Medford, NY
Can’t you hear my whisper?
My breathing?
My heartbeat?
Can’t you feel
My love,
Can’t you see
My wanting?
My longing?
My dreaming?
Can’t you taste
My pain,
Where ever you are,
I’ll try to
Hold on
To my dying heart,
Where ever you are,
I know true love
Never dies,
It never dies,
My heart can’t hold,
No longer hold,
My heart is sold,
To hurting.
I want to see my pain in my hands,
I want it to leak through my hands
like quick sand.
I’ll try to
Hold on,
To my dying heart,
I’ll try to stand strong,
for my tender, bruised, heart.
So near,
Wherever you are,
I believe that the heart will go on,
I want you,
To open the door to my heart.
Because I believe my heart will go on and on,
I believe that true love never dies,
I believe that my heart will go on and on…

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