The Power Of Words

February 15, 2010
By , Medford, NY
I had fought a dragon,
In the high, cold, bitter mountains.
Had challenged
A cheetah in the hot, steamy, jungles.
Faced death,
In the arena where gladiators fought.
Messed with lions,
Deep within the unforgiving lands.
I had been cornered,
In the ally way by the most
gruesome gangs.
Traveled the world,
In a matter of minutes.
Felt my heart bleed,
felt the excruciating pain,
that not every humane being could bare,
I had experienced violence,
Like no other,
Was caught and forced to fight
In the middle of a war.
Been able to read peoples thoughts.
Even though at times
I didn’t want to…
Felt the power of love,
through my fingertips,
Been able to feel love,
So intense,
That at times it consumed me…
and through it all,
I had experienced it in my hand,
In my room.
The power of words,
Are more powerful
Than the power of actions.

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