Bullied to Death

February 15, 2010
You sit there and tear her down in every way, shape, and form. Your game is to make her cry.
Your ignorance in your words and actions kill her on the inside. You can’t begin to comprehend the damage you are doing.
You think it’s funny to cause someone so much indescribable pain. You will see one day the damage you do.
You will see and hopefully you will feel the amount of pain you cause me and the other people you treated this way
You are going to feel bad one day , but when that day comes it is going to be too late to apologize. And your going to have to live with what you did the rest of your life
I am no one to condemn or judge. But I sincerely hope you change how you are treating them before it’s too late

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XblakeY said...
Feb. 24, 2010 at 4:33 pm
this is really good! its so sad and crazy how much you actually see this all around you, everyday!
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