Run Away

February 15, 2010
By Eden Lewis GOLD, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Eden Lewis GOLD, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Dug myself a shallow grave
Better fix all this before it's deep enough to bury me
Lead along and kill at the last moment
That's the way I always seem to be
I don't want to be so mean

I don't want to be so scared
Why does it hurt to open
Why is the door so stuck
Why won't it close again
From where has this emotion snuck
Deep into my soul

So unexpected in my newfound field of joy
A crack along which I tiptoe afraid to fall
If I step wrong I might just slip
I want your taste on my lips
I want to feel you on my skin
For once this is not a game
I'm not only out to win

I'm not used to this
I don't like it one bit
But what if

What if
The shaking of my foundation
The cracking of my ground
What if
The ropes in which im bound
Are breaking too
If ever there were ropes
What if
The egg I suspect to hold a dragon
Really holds a dove

Silent and sneaky as lust
Just maybe
Maybe I am learning to trust

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