February 15, 2010
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You hold too many of my secrets
I'll crack your skull to get them out
I'll eat your brain to get them back
No one can know what they're about
Because you know every time you don't speak
Fills me with doubt
Like finally I am too much
My issues you can do without
Vulnerability I can't stand
So I stay forever silent
Because when you make me feel that way
All I think is violent
I'd rather they kill me
Than have you walk around knowing
All the secrets that should be mine
Than risk my underbelly showing
Fear of abandonment
Spawns anger violent and quick
Every slicing doubt
Makes my stomach sick
I will kill you
Before you kill me
I will leave you
Before you see
These feelings plague my being
I dont like to flee
So I try and try
Aching to be free

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