February 15, 2010
By Eden Lewis GOLD, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Eden Lewis GOLD, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever find home
But I try to keep my spirits high
I always end up tending to roam
Because everything I find feels like a lie
Until its gone
Until I abandon it
And once withdrawn
I realize

I'm homeless inside my soul.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever find home
With this restlessness so innate
Everything I leave to be alone
So I can try to find
What is missing
But I'm always a bit too late

This wanderlust goes far beyond states
Or countries or space
It's an inborn fate
A constant chase
To trace
A world where I belong
It's not here
This is all wrong
With this constant fear

I constantly depart
The crunching of glass beneath my feet as I go
Is my world is my heart
Collapsing once again but pain I wont show
Designing my own demise
The blood is on my hands
Choking the life out and feeding these eyes
Lies lies
All my best laid plans
Are eaten by the flies

Cries to empty skies
I'm the hunter and the prey
I'm whisering my goodbyes
Because other things are too hard to say

A new sun rises every day.

I go so far so far
Wishing on my lucky star
But scars stay
And everywhere I go I'm reminded

Wherever you go, there you are

Hope I cling to you because you are my life
Through my strife I survive
I stay alive and I breathe each breath because of you
I swear my intentions are true

I wish to be strong
I wish to find what I need here
I wish to belong

I ache to disappear

Sometimes it's hard to exist
I'm always bound to stray
I think with hope in my fists
Maybe someday
Someday I may be ok

A new sun rises every day

Find me sweet savior
I'm not as stong as I appear
My protective behavior
Is born out of fear
But the light must be found
By no one but me
I go round and around
Searching for someone
Something to make me free
But the truth is I'm my own worst enemy
Destruction comes from within
And no one can save me
Until I make peace in my skin

Always running from something I cant escape
Old memories burn too bright
(the word that rhymes with escape that I wont write)
Send me into constant flight

I pray
And pray
That I'll be ok

And a new sun rises every day

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