A Moment By the Fire

February 15, 2010
By ThePrivatePoet27 BRONZE, Grand Prairie, Texas
ThePrivatePoet27 BRONZE, Grand Prairie, Texas
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My silhouette against the door
My shadow against the floor
My arms around her waist
Her fragile form on my lap
Talking and laughing 'bout Christmas' past
Her hand in mine
Her eyes on me
Her gentle smile
as I caress her hand
We sit by the fire for some time
Taking in each others presence
Thankful for the gift of each other
Thankful for our time together
Thankful for her hand in mine
And mine in hers
As the time passes
We say our goodnights
and retire to our homes
I kiss her goodnight, not once but twice
We'll see each other again on the morrow
Of Christmas morning
We go home and dream of Christmas' past
As we sleep gently tonight
As we dream of my hand in hers
And hers in mine

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