Comatose Heart

February 15, 2010
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A heart that was once whole, is now sedated
Put to rest
A new crack appears upon it each hour
I lay, I cry
On the very bed
He has showered me with gifts
My tears now enclose them in a tomb

I have no voice
He has taken my pride
He has shattered all that I once obtained
I am surrounded by darkness,
The lonely voices, call to me
They are similar to my own

I cannot face the world
But I must stand up and fight
My hand flies to my stomach
A shimmer of hope glows there
I am given a gift
He does not heed
He does not care

For I will prevail over all,
This was meant to be
But once again,
I think about his lips pressed against mine
He has abandoned me,
He has gone missing

My heart is comatose
No longer conscious
Love is hopeless
Full of no meaning
Surely, I should not think such
But because of him,
I do

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