False Love

February 15, 2010
By , Medford, NY
I saw the truth in his eyes,
He couldn’t lie,
The passion was so strong
and true,
I thought I saw a hero in you.
I was so wrong,
When I thought he was so right,
Seeing him right now,
Makes me want to fight,
Sick to my stomach,
My brains all whack,
I can’t believe I fell for that crap,
I thought I felt the chemistry,
I thought we got it all together,
So I hate you!
Don’t need you!
What kind of crappy friend are you?
How could you!
Is this true?
What kind of boyfriend are you?
Is this true?
I hate you!
How could I be so blind?
How could you just lie?
And I was such a fool,
To think that he was so kind.
I had it with the lies!
I had it with the games!
Its time for a change!
No more senseless pain,
No more stupid drama,
No more,
No more,
I’m done!
I’m through!
I’m over the blues!
I’m sick
Of feeling
That I had been used.
I guess
Now I know
My fate…

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