Nice to think about the Ink Welcome (haha)

February 15, 2010
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Aggravations have already set in
I've live a life of suddle sin

Now should I go to church now that its 2010?

Wow should I repent when I seem to get nothing

By being honest I get f-ed over constant bluffing

Maybe it's time to go and get mine
Govt sets me up than gives me fines

Constituonal rights? As far as I'm concerned more are taken every night

Maybe I should stand and fight
Maybe that girl Kandys right

Maybe this isn't a recession rather yet a mortal schemed government plight

Maybe the towers were never hit maybe Osama was killed

Maybe Iraq loved Saddaam and only oppresionists where thrilled

Maybe this is just me a caption of a random motive

Rather hit the corner than obtain a degree and apply for locomotive

Cuz those chances are corrosive and eroding evermore

Why TRY and bust my butt to APPLY
for a store to work in

When I can get a 9 to chirpin run in and grab all I wat late then

Escape the scene with all the neccessities I need

For the children I shall breed
is the direction in which the country shall proceed

You wont gimme a job but punish me for obtaining required money through other needs

Maybe I wont rob a store No I wont do that

But In my own enviorment I do whats required and thats a fact including sellin C***K

I've never seen a jack a helping hand or anything

I've lived my own life and learned through lifes own stings

This shouldnt be taken as much since it's my 1st touch

And canvas in fact more yet a mental clutch.

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