February 15, 2010
By abanks7 BRONZE, Clemson, South Carolina
abanks7 BRONZE, Clemson, South Carolina
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its in gods hands now

im at a place..a existence
where i want to draw away..retreat from the beings of this world for they are all full of so many emotional drainings and baggage and unstabilities
i want to hell with u and ur smiles and cries and kinship and irresponsibilities
for its known that this is a lonely lonely not the pity of selfish?

no longer can i sit and cry..jus sit and jus cry.
for all of my tears have dried up wat little excess feelings that i had left
feelings that were shed with each drop until i arrived at this place
a place..a existence
where i dont feel lonely...jus selfish

i kno that i cant jus mimic the Dasypodidan
and although im not a reptile..i do have a shell that looks like it has more depth than it really does
words and eyes and thoughts can easily see right thru it
to the pit of my core and stab right thru it
which is why i ball up in my shell...and remain selfish

but this is not the sound and fury...a tale told by an idiot
i do possess common sense..well, sense enough to kno that u want to hear
that to much is given much is required
so i cant jus sit bac and be quiet
cant jus give up for the sake of being worn dismayed and tired

i cant say when i'll rise above like wat u sing about when u kno ur really fooling nobody
but urself
because we all see how that same thing over which u soar
is wats dragging u to live day to day like the addictive anquish of the whore which..selfish is the pity of lonely

because instead of being lonely i have reached a place where i'd prefer myself
making sure im happy..watever that order to show u and me and him
that i can grow and progress and move on and live
all the while seeing dreams of death
so u tell i lonely or selfish?

a question thats already been answered

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