February 14, 2010
What is it?
A truth full of lies.
A bad memory that never dies.
A bible with torn pages.
A pack of fools who pretend to be sages.
What is it?
Blood spilled in holy water.
A father who beats his daughter.
An angel with two faces.
A steel room with no open spaces.
What is it?
It is a war without a cause.
It is a government that breaks laws.
It is a demon in a saint's heart.
It is a melody that tears us apart.
It is temptation that bears no seed.
It is a razor that makes you bleed.
It is vanity.
It is sin.
It kills you, revives you, and kills you again.
It is ecstacy.
It is fire.
It is calamity.
It is desire.
What is it?
It is you.
It is me.
What is it?
It is humanity.

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