It Keeps Me Sane

February 14, 2010
By b.rai DIAMOND, College Station, Texas
b.rai DIAMOND, College Station, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
you never really know what love is, until it breaks your heart.

a pin drops
only is there silence
her tears fall
and one can only hear the silence
there is silent screaming
there is silent crying
silent fights,and silent grieving
she bathes herself in this silence
no one really knows what goes on in her mind
because of the silence
due to her,silence
she is all alone
she keeps silent,
the internal breaking of her soul
she says to herself in silence,
you have to fall completely,
before you can pick yourself up again
this,that is happening to her,
he doesn't seem to care,he seems to love it
for her to become whole again,
and before she can heal,
she needs silence
so she can fall apart in silence
so she can yell at him in her silence
so she let the tears appear in the silence
so she can act as though she is fine
to feel again,she needs just a little bit of silence
she needs the silence so she will no longer hurt

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