February 14, 2010
The rain
Its smell
Makes me smile
Makes me think of you
The wind in southeast Texas
Sets me down gently into your life
My heart big yours
My eyes shimmering yours puffed up and blue
I knew I could help you
I know I still can
She tour us apart
You didn’t listen to our song very well now did you?
The times we spent on the gulf
The time we wasted at the football field rolling around trying to play football after a fresh rain
The Mexican restraint a few blocks down main st.
There tacos were amazing
But if I wanted I could have been there not eaten and still loved it
The times we tried to ice skate
Me the ice princess and you the ice
You dragged me down when I attempted to help you up
Our laugh together filled the big town mall
Our laugh filled our small town streets.
The wind drifted me away out of your life but if it was ment to be
Just hold your breath and I’ll be there when the wind blows again

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