I Plus Love With You (Snows Still Stuck On The Tree Lines / Part One)

February 14, 2010
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He was
Deep green eyes
Tussled hair
And a true devotion

Stumbling into
White picket family dinners, Christian philosophy

A pawn to hold hands with
Traveling on their chess board
Where hell is black
White is equal to salvation

They watch
Comfortable on their white thrones
Pure motives dressed with religious propaganda and decorated salvation

He was a trusted, calloused hand to hold

You slipped
Into coffee, dinners, and kisses
Into a love you’d never had
A love you’d never felt

‘I love you’
A breath
His hearts at your feet
Stomped in your pacing

A want time’s need equation
He was poetry
Coffee mocha kisses, open love, romance

Human in the scale of variables
Between ‘x’ and ‘y’
Flawed in himself

As were you
A structure – jail break
But a love you’ll miss

Snows still stuck in the tree line, lovely
Your keys in the ignition
Foot on the gas

You’re already gone

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