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Let Him In

Wake up on a gloomy Monday,
Suck it up
And punch life in the face.
Get up, get dressed, get off to school
And act like nothing’s wrong.
Ignore the feeling you get
When you see his face,
And push it aside
With a growl of anger.
And act like nothing’s wrong.
Smiles? You’re faking.
Questions? You’re annoyed.
Answers? You’re lying.
Friends? You’re misunderstood.
And you act like nothing’s wrong.
People and places flashing by,
Too fast for you to catch a glimpse of one,
Too fast for you
To hold on to,
And act like nothing’s wrong.
But he’s still there,
Smile on his face
And the butterflies in your stomach.
He’s still there.
So wake up,
Stop acting,
Cry your tears,
And let him in.

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