February 13, 2010
By Anonymous

After I fall asleep
Be here, stay with me
Cautiously hold me in your arms hoping not to wake me
Dream with me about our future
Eternatity, the time we have together
Forver, is a long time though
Well great things take time you say
How do you know we have that time?
I wish I had your positivity... but just how hopeful can we be?

Love... I love you too.
Time can destroy love
Tear it apart
Peice by peice
until nothing but the fact your afraid of being alone keeps you together.

But.. until then...
while I sleep
hold me cautiously in your arms
whisper to me while I dream of our future
And remind me that great things take time.

The author's comments:
I didn't know what to title it so... forever? is all i could come up with. I think for this one I had a good idea... but then when I started writing, it wasn't as good as I thought, I hope you can kinda see where im going with this one. Thanks :)

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