The Reason For Depression

February 13, 2010
What do we think of when we think of depression?
Sadness, suicide, loss of interest
All of these things are true
But…how do we prevent this?
Everyday, friends gather and families celebrate
But the depressed stay out of the group
The outcast; the runt of the litter practically
And for what?
To keep ourselves from the pain that comes with joy
Are job in the world is to stay invisible from the rest of the humanity
Unable to cope with the bubbly, outgoing kind
Usually, our source of depression consist of our mind, but others express it physically
Emos and Goths are examples of these depressed people
But others hide the fact their depressed
Some don’t even realize they are
My definition of depression is that we simply cannot find happiness
Like looking for a needle in a haystack, or a penny in the ocean
There are certain levels of depression
Mild and Extreme are the ones commonly found in everyday people
And there are certain reasons people are depressed
Heart break, family loss, no attention from friends or family, divorce
So why do people put us in this position?
Is it to see us drop a bomb on our “could be normal” lives?
Or just to entertain them.
Many turn to drugs to help them cope with everyday things
To make them think that people do like them
And to make the world seem like it’s at their finger tips
When in fact it’s the exact opposite.
I, for one, turn to poetry.
To express my feeling’s on the page, with ink and paper
Instead of ruining myself, I simply write
I write to entertain. I write to express.
But most importantly, I write to escape from the cruel world around me into a world where there is no pain, but only happiness to be found

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Victoria_P said...
Feb. 20, 2010 at 7:19 pm
poetry can b a cruel world depends on what you read, how you feel, what you like, everything can be cruel, but somethings you can avoid...but this was a really good poem!
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