February 12, 2010
By , big bear city, CA
You ask me if im happy,
The questions absurd,
I always know where to go,
I just follow the herd,
And im always in tune,
With the latest music sensation,
Ask me, ill tell you,
Without hesitation,
That im proud to live here,
They tell me im free,
And if the government says it,
Then it must be,
The absolute truth,
Why would they lie,
Ill follow their orders,
Till the day that I die,
Liking peace is alright,
If the time suit’s the opinion,
But when thiers war ill go fight,
Just don’t call me a minion,
Im more like a zombie,
Minions must think,
And my brain is so rotten,
Its beginning to stink,
But of course I am happy,
Its plain to see,
Following orders,
Will set you free

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