February 12, 2010
i wake up every morning
and my breakfast is a pill
they dont know what im tninking
so my mind they try to kill
my house is called the funny farm
its smalland to the point
the walls are nice and fluffy
something esle i cant destroy
i even get these nice new clothes
ones ive grown to like
its a white coat with straps on it
but at times its rather tight
i never have to clean my room
i have many maids
sometimes they are mean
and give me a shot when i disobey
and when i choose to travel
i get a big bracelet
it goes around my hands and feet
nice and thick do they make it
some people are afraid of me
because im not like everyone else
but when you are as smart as i
you get trapped inside your self

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xLpoet said...
Feb. 20, 2010 at 1:59 pm
I like the way you descirbed an asylum. It's innovative and dark.
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