Knowledge & Sadness

February 12, 2010
So much dark despair is buried in the night
Behind closed doors so many tears are shed.
Secret sorrows secret fears
If the stars don't shine tonight..
If the sun doesn't come pu the next day...
Such castastrophe unimaginable
But with the greatest sorrow I have to say
How greived I am.
People, idiot people, ruin lives by the dozen;
Spiritual people?
The worst.
So many aggrievances come
From those who "believe in god's son"
By night my sorrows recede and hide,
By day they come and multiply.
I feel like an addict withoug his drug,
An alchoholic without a drink;
So am I without failing happiness.
Writing, even now, is not much joy
I have no words for this fathomless sorrow.
Nothing I say will bring back my joy...
I could try the drug of true friendship,
But fleeting are the results of such;
The high is too short, too real,
So much bad happens after so much good.
To receive, one must lose something precious.
Whether it's a life or a jewel,
Both are precious in man's eye.
We must face the pain,
Lest we fall into the hand of sorrow.

To measure unfair with silver spoon
Would take eternity -
To measure love would take
Less than a moment.
When measuring heartache, sorrow, pain, hate, anger, greed...
It would be impossible,
Even with equipment especially made.
We want to fix the world,
But not ourselves.
While everone else's minor imperfections catch your eye,
Your major failings interest you not.
It is purely human to feel emotion,
Purely human to care.
Trying to pretend I don't care,
I was trying to become immortal in my interests.
Hey, don't ever bring me back
To where I used to be
But keep me from moving forward.
Don't bring me down,
Yet don't lift me up.
Understand the problem and you get a solution;
Anticipate an answer and true understanding is earned.
Understanding is the key to all
Definite and unanimous knowledge.
Knowledge is power.

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