Visiting a Wound

February 12, 2010
By SarahBethany BRONZE, Mount Pearl, Other
SarahBethany BRONZE, Mount Pearl, Other
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Visiting a Wound

A choice of forgiveness

I sit here
And I begin to talk to you
I talk about my thoughts
And what I need you to do…

Then you take me on a trail
It’s familiar
But I don’t know where it’s going
The feeling is in my stomach
The pain is sharp to my heart
And I remember
Yes- I know where we are.
You brought me back to a wound
One that is still opened
very tender
And we start to talk about it

First. My words are few

Contemplating if I even want to feel this
But then I remember who you are

So I talk
My words are real.
And the tears are from the pain.
You take me deeper into the trail…
And I talk about it more.

I feel the turning in my stomach
And my face exhibits resentment
It’s the bitter bug trying to make its way to my freedom
And for a moment…

I relinquish

And I tell you the pain he’s caused me.

And I tell you that I’m angry.
And I’m silent.

I look at the wound that once was a hole
I see a different light on the corner
And truth rushes its way to my tongue

And I release it.
Words of hope come to me.
Truth of what you really think of me flows into the air.
What you’ve done for me reminds me you have no conditions.

Even more takes place inside of me
A river of freedom is passing thru
The words flow from my mouth that are ‘forgiveness’

‘ choice’

They are ‘releasing’
They capture and kill EVERY deceitful lie that is


In the air.
And my heart is driven to prayer
Because he needs freedom too.
And he needs to be whole.

I let my tears fall
For a few minutes more
They are free to go down my neck

Over my nose

Across my cheek.
I remind you that I need you
I speak out that I can’t do it on my own

Because I can’t.

I’ve already tried.

I stand
And look at my face in the mirror, while grabbing a tissue
I wipe
away the residue
And I see your hand holding me.
I walk
To my couch
Grabbing paper and pen

My eyelids are shut.
And I both know
That my heart has just experienced a piece of restoration.

The author's comments:
In early October, I sat down on my couch prepared to do some homework to get ahead of my busy schedle. My mind wandered into my past, reminincing of experiences that were not so wonderful. Pain tingeled my heart, instantly I pulled out my journal and wrote what I was feeling. This poem is an expression of the healing I have gone through from my past; a particular even that happened when I was 14 that almost destroyed me. I consider it beauty to go through hard times and come out stronger than before.

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