Never Fall Away

February 12, 2010
By cloven BRONZE, Bristow, Oklahoma
cloven BRONZE, Bristow, Oklahoma
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He'd known it'd be the end of him
but to save her life was his cause,
a motivation for his sacrifice.
His eyes became glazed,
and she knew he had departed.
Never would he exist again.
It was unfair,
him being taken away so shortly
after proposing marriage.
The man who ended his life
offered her the salvation
to not life another day
missing the love of her life
This offer she declined.
Clinging to a bringe,
high above a river,
she could easily fall to her death.
Sofly she whispered,
"You can't have me..."
~And Chloe Carter let go.~

The author's comments:
I actually dreamt this poem. It is about the world's best fictional couple--Cal Vandeusen&Chloe Carter from CBS's Harper's Island
The title was inspired by the song during their death schene, "Letters from the sky" by Civil Twilight.

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