Top Of The Bar

February 5, 2010
By jimjim93 GOLD, Shamokin Dam, Pennsylvania
jimjim93 GOLD, Shamokin Dam, Pennsylvania
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Walk through the forest of dark where i have lost my heart,
seeing everything as a shadow of a tree that is shedding bark.
Like the skin on my hyde this bark will peel,
but for the life of me this pain i cannot feel.
I walk on footsteps already made on a path of hurt,
and i just stare down wondering how long must i walk on this dirt.
My head grows heavy so i sit and take a rest,
then the path dissapears and build myself a nest.
I lay upon the earth in a bed of grass,
and every sound is like breaking glass.
I slowly close my eyes and drift into a sleep,
and the dream that comes forces me to weep.
All this pain that i have felt and i have made it this far,
but i cannot go on any longer, i am at the top of the bar.

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