is it trur...?

February 5, 2010
By tony21 GOLD, North Lauderdale, Florida
tony21 GOLD, North Lauderdale, Florida
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is it true...?
may i be really fallin for you.
ur beauty is tremendous, yet i only seen you in pictures.
ur voice is a melody in my head, and only have spoken twice.
same bt different at the same tym; bt different in the same sense.
fallin for u over the fone,
kissin u over the fone,
flirtin wit u over the fone.
you said i barly noe you, maybe i know wat i barly need to noe.
the only real thing left to know wen we see eachother for the 1st tym how well we connect, then to get that 1st kiss to see if the flame is really there.
whats the point of havin a candel if it can not b lit to keep u warm?
the other real question is how do u feel abt me ?

The author's comments:
this i jus thought of and wrote at 1:28am abt this girl that i am tlkin to n may get into a relationship wit.....see how it goes

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