The Shephard

February 4, 2010
The King bows his head in a fit of shame,
For he has not done justice to his name,
His triumphs are false,
His mistakes are true,
I fear the King of Zion must say adieu.

Not his fault they say,
And we know it’s true,
But we still are destroyed by swastikas and fear,
For Satan has struck with a malevolent fist,
And we must leave with a sigh through the thick mist.

Long forgotten screams are not beyond recall for some,
We remember being exile countless times,
But no Moses is here and we are lost
For maybe we were disobedient so he deserted us.

“What’s that prophets?
You don’t hear the call?
He has left for Germany,
To meet with a man called Adolf,
The collusion taking place is against our souls,
Solace won’t come from our leader so bold.

But we will believe in the all mighty one,
For when humanity cooperates and works as a whole,
Things become possible and we reach our goals,
So we still believe that he will one day come,
To put strength in our eyes and a lion in our chests,
We will work for this,
And will never rest.

Ripped from his thrown his people wander,
With no where to go and nothing to ponder,
They know the truth in the world is not theirs to behold,
But that they must fight like in the days of old.

Stand up to the Palestinians as did David,
Leave them staring at your glory long after you have left,
Let loose your fury and destroy their pride,
Stand strong against the enemy until they die.

Though in truth your enemies are not that of life,
Those who live to destroy are just separated from yourself,
Gone from the flock,
To be led to the Shepherd once they depart.

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