Sole Mate

February 4, 2010
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Note To Self: Bring own lung next time,
You saw him and well lost
and people noticed
your breath caught - snarled -
against your teeth and you made that one noise the universal
“” noise plus
also you couldn’t help it you watched you even checked him out
for god’s sake you left your irises super-glued to his
entire body
and right in front of your friends - what if they’d noticed?
They’re not dumb, you certainly aren’t the
best at hiding it your
skin’s practically cellophane
but hey
at least you ain’t no telescope cuz they haven’t connected the dots yet -
you know it because one of them would have
said something if they’d finally
figured it out:
the shape of your constellation
so please, just bring your own lung next time
so you don’t have to borrow someone else’s while you
recover from that momentary glimpse
of what could never ever be.

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