I miss You

February 4, 2010
take my hand and let me show you a place
let me introduce you to a new scene and pace.
lets take a trip down to the depths of my heart
filled with utter jealousy and isolated pain
its hard to explain how all of this could start
but trust me it all came the deserts rain

it would start just you and i
walking in the park or laying in a bed
thats where i want to break down and cry,
thats where i wish i was dead
its hard to explain and that its hard to say
but im jealous of everything, including this day

i get one small sampled taste of you a week
and the week gets the full dose of you each day
i get the sweet flavor that soon i couldnt keep
the taste i loved, just couldnt stay

the week is one giant tease for me
i see you once, but then your gone
each time i see you it feels like its been an eternity
and i think something here is desperately wrong

so please hold my hand tight my love of mine
and never let it go
because im going to tell you that in time
the good things never seem to show
we're going to need each other to pull through
and right now i really need you

this isn't a form of art
and this wasnt made because im bored
this was formed in my heart
because i wish this love rest assured

so close your eyes, and lets make this not so fast
keep them shut, and lets forget the past
because this short time that we share together
we have to try and make last
because we know it wont last forever.

so rest your body and go numb as a whole
relax your being and leave your soul
keep your eyes shut and lose all control
now open them and see what i have to show

that i can look you in the eyes and say i miss you
that i can see through your eyes and say i love you
when will this teasing gap of visits end?
soon i hope, because i wish to break this vicious trend

I miss You

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