A Fairy Tale

February 4, 2010
By Kaitlin Smith BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Kaitlin Smith BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Once upon a time
There was a prince standing in line
With two jesters at his side
With a bleeding heart
From his land he did depart
To search for a reprieve
From all the misery inside
To this land of rides
A princess did go to hide
From al! the pains the years had made
Thinking that she could not be saved
On this day
The sun was supposed to shine,
As these two were standing in line
But darkness covered the sky
And the angels above began to cry
As the princess stood in line
Thinking that she was aimost to the end of her time
She saw the prince standing in line
When the prince first saw her Words would not come
Because he knew That she was the one
Out of his dreams
This beautiful princess must have come
And he knew that fate must have been done
For only in one glance
His heart had been won.
When the handsome prince sat at her side
They waited with each other for the ride
Talking and laughing
Having a great time
As the day went by
They waited in line for many rides
Having one another at their sides
Both of them wanting to share their feelings inside
As the day came to an end
They both knew,
They wanted to be more than friends
But fear stopped the prince's tongue
For he did not know
If her heart
He had won
She wanted to know how he felt
More than he could have guessed
For her heart
Felt so blessed
As the show's finale began
The prince's head spun
He loved her so much
He just wanted to feel her touch
As they approached the gate
The end to the day from fate
Holding each other's hand tight
Facing the cold of the night
From each other
They did not wish to part
Because the prince and princess
Had each other's heart
As they told the other good bye
They both wanted to cry But the tale does not end there
it does not end in despair
For although life may seem unfair
To the lose the other
They could not bear
So the prince and princess's.
Love has endured
Made only stronger by time
Influenced by the divine

The author's comments:
I hope to get people to relize that love is a mystery always

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