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February 8, 2010
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My calendar
kept note of every
we were
or were supposed to be

it hung
on my wall
next to my bed
so every morning
i could wake up
and smile
because it was another day
with you

but one day
i was running late
and forgot to look
at my calendar
to remind myself
what a wonderful day it was
because it was another day
that i was sharing
with you

that was the day
you said it was time
to go our separate ways
taht was the day
you killed me

about 5 months later
(although i'm not sure,
months don't really have
much meaning anymore)
my calendar
has long since
fallen off my wall
and now collects dust
under my bed.
i should get it back out,
hang it back up,
but whats the point?

i'd wake up every morning
to look at my calendar
and be sad
because it's another day
without you.

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