Breath Taking

February 8, 2010
the sky was beautiful, orange and pink
in front of it was a mountain so perfect your unable to think
ironically it was the color of a crayola crayon called purple mountain's majesty
on the sides, like angels wings were two rainbows, so rare to see
and each was so deeply colored each stripe stood out and yet still all blended together, no doubt
the day was still early, but the sky was so bright
the rain dropped to the ground like a feather, so light
above it all the moon still hung caressing the horizon
so out of place, a place the sun should have been
it was amazing, breath taking, full of awe
it's something you'd have trouble looking away from if it's what you saw
yet you being next to me
is all that i could see
there is so much beauty where my awe is directed
and i feel, because of her, that my heart is infected
which(my heart) fluttered so fast, it felt as if it was going to jump out of my chest
turn and slap me in the face for being so obsessed
I hate to look away from her
because it makes me feel so better(to see her)

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