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February 8, 2010
By Brad Roberts BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
Brad Roberts BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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Here you find me ‘neath this tree
Pondering life liberty
And the pursuit of being happy
Listen well, my friend
For though my message be not miserable
I will give you all I you ask
About myself and about, well
My journey and my mask
And though it be one of
Wrath misery and little
Or no being sappy

You ask about my birth
You ask about my name
You ask about how I live my life
I will answer all
But the last is in flames

It starts with numbers
19, 90 and 3
Is when I began to be
circa 2 strikes of the clock
Is when I began to tock… or cry
but at 2 10s one of which is 8
only about the century too late
2 siblings later I’m one of 3

You asked about my start
You asked about my label
You asked how I do my job
Though I must warn you
it is no fable

number 2 continues
This time with letters
The second is the first
Making the small curse
The last teen is the second
Meaning one who keeps
Just one less for the third
Which is a famous sun

You ask me what my beginning was
You ask me about my mind
You asked me how I play my game
I tell you this
The last verse didn’t rhyme

The final verse
This time with words
My game is played
By certain rules
These are so
That one-day soon people for
Millions of lea
Will know that
In blood I was one of three
The brave, the strong, the free?

And now my verse is done
You asked me about
my name, my label, my mind
you asked about
my start, my beginning, my birth
you asked how I
live my life, play my game, how I do my job
I told you it all now its your turn
what verse will you contribute
we all contribute one you know
so I leave you the pen and ask
only that you pick it up and
continue the story

The author's comments:
the name says it all

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