February 8, 2010
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why does everyone wish me well?

they really don’t care.

even when past their smell

i can tell because yes i am aware

of my imperfection, my faults

do i wear a sign? a symbol?

does it have an arrow pointing to my wounds?

does it say put salt here?

why can i not see it?

whatever the reason they come in groups

they kick me beat me, cheat me, rob me, grab me,

but when it’s all over

i have still have things left

and so will you

for if your motives and heart be true

you will have the one thing they cat take away from you

pride in yourself

for your courage

for not breaking or backing down

and hope for next time,

because you can beat me, cheat me, loot me, shoot me, kill me, bill me

but you cannot take away my will

my pride, my identity
, my memory

my treasure buried deep in my soul,

my gold that never leaves me

so now i wait

because im sure

that one day

the tables will be turned

and when that day gets here

well if you haven’t changed

your cowardice will be shown

and then you will be in my place

because then you can

run, hide, fly, walk, dig, work,

but we will find you

just as you found me under the tree

and then there will be no place to run

and you will be me.

you will wear the sign

you will not see the arrow

so remember this before my song is done

i give you the meek

they will inherit the earth

i give you the poor in spirit

the kingdom will be theirs

we are the salt of the earth

we are the sons of thunder

we are daughters of lightning

we are the outcasts

we are the true generation of the flame

we are children of justice, bravery, and the one true god

we are the victims of the world

and we will not back down.

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