Sleeping Beauty

February 8, 2010
Run so far into the night
With nothing but your dreams
Everything you once loved
Is nothing compared to me
I need some one to help me now
Tell me what I must do
For I shall go completely crazy
For being so in love with you
Take me away to where we'll find
Nothing but pure, true love
And we'll taste the rain always falling
From our heaven above
The night sky just keeps on calling
The stars are diamonds of hope
Maybe one day the words "I love you"
Will be the words you know
So far in this one life
My world is nothing more
Than one heartbreak after another
And teardrops on my floor
You, Prince Charming on your white horse
Will be the defeat of this trend
When your deep eyes and loving stare
Show my pain it's end
I believe in you always
And count the days 'till you come
And bring me back to life
With nothing but your love
I run so fast my heart can't help
But play tricks on my mind
So while I lie here in this darkened sleep
I pray that you I'll find

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