My Soul

February 8, 2010
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Have you ever looked so forth in your soul?
To find nothing but endless stones and coals?

Where it realizes the emptiness of temperance and the enjoyed;
But it lacked fulfillment of the dark spaces void.

The abandonment in that Hallowed, wise space;
With nothing but desolate time has erased.

It quickly decays the sense of wonder;
And it falls with sharp empty plunder.

It travels quickly bringing rain and noise;
Crushing all hopes as they were precious toys.

The voice it had heard sounded so sweet;
Yet only yields and is unable to retreat.

It sanctioned itself from each, the Rest;
As it thought only of one misinterpreted Test.

Torn and Broken; Battered and Slain;
Is the rubbish left Hallowed in Thy name.

Nothing compares to the hardships and distress;
Yet it, only takes one to hurt more than the rest.

To satisfy this deep, depth, darkened soul;
Are just the remains of the stones and harsh, cruel coals.

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