Diamond Sky

February 8, 2010
you were a perfect mystery
a boy with beautIful eyes
you lost the key to my heart
Which is no surprise
i’m so close to giving up
your heart I’ll never see
i just wiSh you would try
to give your Heart to me
i see you everyday
but our eYes never meet
you’re always just tOo busy
too bUsy to notice me
it’s ridiculous that i cry
always over you
Why am i not seeing
the hidden obvious truth
you don’t lOve me
you don’t know i exist
bUt when it’s all said and done
it’s your smile i’m gonna miss
just know i’ve aLways been here
waiting for you to say
that you really want me
let’s not waste another day
you’ll always holD my heart
in the palm of your hand
but my only wish for you
is to see who i really am
and i know this may sound scary
but i loVe the person you are
at night all i can seE
is your name Spelled out in the stars
i guEss you’rE untouchable
“like a distaNt diamond sky”
but if you ask My opinion
you’re just another guy
anothEr guy who will break my heart
and leave me here to Bleed
another guy who will nEver see
his attention is what i need
i don’t want to waste my time
on someone who doesn’t care
the special look in my eyes
the one who’s always there
i know it’s stupid For me to feel
about you the way i dO
but i can see it when we’re together
somEhow i belong wIth you
but you’ll never see it
how harD that I try
to get you to notice
whenever i walk by
Still i’m nothing more
than just another girl
out of the 50 billion
lost out in the world
so then again i think
why should you care?
even though i’ve been
and will always be there
i guess what i’m trying to say
is i’m desperate for a guy
who will never talk to me?
or even look at me twice
so please just keep in mind
my heart was yours to break
and you already did
now there’s nothing left to say

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