Perfect Mystery

February 8, 2010
By BucketCase94 GOLD, Robinson, Texas
BucketCase94 GOLD, Robinson, Texas
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"All is fair in love and war"

every time i see your blue eyes
it takes my breath aWay
and wHen you look at me
it’s almost morE than i can take
for so loNg i’ve had these feelings
now i’m just filled With doubt
i want to know what it’s like to love you
and learn what It’s aLl about
you make me laugh sometimes
i think that i might cry
but Late at night when tears come
i fall asleep wondering whY
i draw yOur name on all my notebooks
with pretty little hearts
bUt knowing i’m not what you want
iS tearing me apart
i wondEr how you manage to miss
the sparkle in my eyEs
when i look at you and the feelings i keep
trying so hard to hide
there’s something about you in the way That you are
tHat mAkes me unaware
of my surroundings and who i am
when i’m caughT In your beautiful stare
iN my eyEs you’rE a hero
a prince charming of moDern times
though it’s such a shame You keep missing
all Of my obvioUs signs

The author's comments:
Back then I wished he would notice me... now i wish he never had...

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