Alone To The Eighth

February 7, 2010
Sitting in a cold dusty room
Hugging your knees
Staring off into the black distance
Just you alone

Sounds of street cars rushing by
Lights flashing in and out of windows
The only thing you have is the darkness
Just you, and the darkness alone

The darkness closes in
The dampness amplifies
Slowly the mold creeping up the cold walls
Just you, the mold, and the darkness alone

Sounds of couples laughing
Images of them holding hands
Having a picnic,
Just you, the images, the mold and the darkness alone

Sitting there for many years
Growing old,
Withering away,
Finally the idea.
Just you, and the idea alone

The idea that sparked the question
Why am I alone?
The question growing strong with thought in the darkness
Just you, the idea, and the question alone

Growing ever so strong the question finds its answer:
I’m not alone, I chose to be alone
Just you, the idea, the question, and the solution alone

Confidence sparks
It’s a domino effect
You rise, stand, walk.
Walk confidently to the door
Place your hand on the knob, twist, and open
Just you, and the open door alone

Light streams in,
You squint.
The outside world stops, looks, claps.
You exit the room into the world
Join the main stream of people.
Just you, and the world,
Not Alone.

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