My Love Poem

February 7, 2010
You will never know how much I love you
Because my love is stronger than words
You will never know how much I care
Because there is not enough ways to show it

You will never know how much I love to hear you voice
Your sweet, gentle tone
Or how I do not dare to sleep
Just waiting for your call

Because when a heart breaks it doesn’t break even.
While I am wide awake you are sleeping with no trouble
I toss and turn without you sleeping by my side
Especially after you forget to say I love you that night

I live for the moments you look me deep into my eyes
You call to say I love you
You kiss me through the phone to say goodnight
And the way you hold me

What am I suppose to say when I am all choked up
And you are okay
It hurts that I can not always be with
Or when I work

I feel guilty
I feel guilty I can not spend enough time with you
Buy you everything you ever wanted
And you don’t understand how much I truly care

One day you will realize all the little things I do
The things I do not tell you about
Or that you skip over
And do not notice

You give me a reason to get up every morning
A reason to love
A reason to be loved
A reason to be happy

Know I will always love you
Always be here for you
Remember I am your one and only
Your first and only fiancé

It is hard when say you will call
And you don’t
Or I do not know if you are okay
And how I wait by the phone just to know you are safe

Or when you talk about girls
Or I hear different things about you and someone else
But I committed the rest of my life to you
I am devoted to you for the rest of my days

I know you hear things too
But one day you will trust me
And know I would never do those things to you
I am faithful

How could I ever live with myself knowing I cheated on you
Why I would I dare talk to anyone else
You have my heart, all of it
So how could I be with anyone else

It hurts when you accuse me
A little piece of my heart breaks off
To be honest
But you would never know that

I am falling to pieces
You finally met a girl who will put you first
The best part of me is always you
You complete me

Just know when you yell at me
Or tell me how you do not trust me
I will never yell at you
And I will always trust you

I couldn’t even if I wanted to
You own my heart
You make me smile
Just never forget

Never forget how much you mean to me
Even though I can not find enough ways to show it
Never forget whenever you need me I will be right at your side
You are my partner, my love, my best friend, my companion

And for that I could not be more thankful.

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